Apocalyptic Witchcraft

The Antichrist Imperium

The Antichrist Imperium presents a contemporary presentation of vintage Akercocke songs and ideas left in the rehearsal room archives since 2007... Stunt guitar embalmer Matt Wilcock ( The Berzerker, Akercocke, Belligerent Intent) and Blast war Undertaker David Gray ( Akercocke, The Berzerker,
My Dying Bride, Voices) exhume the infernal sonic artillery from the sixth Akercocke album that never was & present its rancid remains for your listening pleasure. Fellow conspirator Sam Loynes (Voices, Shrines) provides an innovative contemporary vocal performance alongside Aussie legend Sam Bean (The Berzerker, The Senseless) who delivers the traditional death metal werewolf embellishment. Past and present collide in a harrowing frenzy of Death, Black, thrash & progressive metal flavours to energize and revitalise the spirit of the Antichrist in 2015.


Australasia is an evolutionary musical project led by multi-instrumentalist Gian Spalluto. Its music evokes emotion and paints vivid pictures for the mind's eye, transporting the listener far beyond where his physical being is left standing.

Australasia's music reflects a childhood spent listening to Ennio Morricone's soundtracks, followed by a youth in extreme metal and heavy psych bands that led to a passion for shoegaze, post-rock and Blade Runner-era synthesizers.

These different components are not simply juxtaposed each other but come together in a unique blend where different souls "Notturno" is Australasia's second full-lenght recording. It represents a musical and evocative journey through moonlit landscapes made of dreamy mellow guitars, finely carved distorted riffs and retro synth cascades.

The album tells the night side of nature and its magnificence, above the misery that humanity left behind.


Formed in 2004 initially as the solo project of Andrew Curtis-Brignell, Caïna is ever-evolving, never content. Discarding traditional conceptions of genre and the 'band' and having worked with members of bands as varied as Krieg, Revenge, Hateful Abandon and more, Caïna in 2015 is a dynamic collective centred around the core group of multi-instrumentalist Curtis-Brignell, vocalist Laurence Taylor and bassist Fraser Samson. Curtis-Brignell returned to the project's roots in Black Metal with 2015's Setter of Unseen Snares. Now active for over a decade and currently preparing a new full length for 2016 in addition to several collaborative projects and tours, Caïna plans to bring their apocalyptic visions of fury and beauty to more people than ever before.

Cnoc An Tursa

Cnoc An Tursa create intense, epic ballads combined with the tales of a much neglected art form; old Scottish poetry. Their sound represents a totally unrivaled form of heavy Scottish metal with ravenous melodic undertones and ancient rhythmical lyrics, capturing a sound deeply rooted in ancient heritage; giving a fresh perspective on what Scottish metal has to offer.

From The Bogs Of Aughiska

Eerie, atmospheric rumblings from Ireland, like some terrifying fusion of dark ambient and black metal; imagine Lustmord remixing Darkthrone....

Frozen Ocean

Frozen Ocean was released from the ice of the Russian wastes in 2005 by Vaarwel; the man, the entity responsible for all the boundless creativity to have emerged under that banner. From the beginning Frozen Ocean has stood alone, not adhering to any one genre, part of no scene, simply wandering wherever Vaarwel’s creative spirit takes him, but always, always summoning sounds to fire the imagination. Each Frozen Ocean release is a unique listening experience, but all drawn together by incredible, immersive atmosphere – be that in the form of the raw black metal of the savage Norse trilogy of albums (Likegyldig Raseri, Vanviddsanger and Natt Over Meg), the beautiful ambience of A Perfect Solitude, the enthralling musical story telling of Trollvinter, the all-enveloping dream of Prills Of Remembrance or the epic exploration of space that is the cold majesty of The Dyson Swarm. There is nothing that can quite compare to Frozen Ocean.


'Heir to Scoria and Ash' is the debut album by Mortichnia. Recorded over a ten day period in December 2014 at trackmix studio, the record was Produced, mixed, mastered by James Kelly(Altar of Plagues), engineered by Michael Richards with Catherine Gavin providing Artwork. Inspired by the burning fervour of black metal and the crushing despair of doom metal, 'Heir to Scoria and Ash' is a conscious condemnation of human frailty and an awakening of irrefutable regret. Drawing lyrical inspiration from misanthropic instinct, the work presented speaks of sullen wisdom, it's begotten grief sustained by cathartic visions of impermanence. Which apsis demands more? No bodies prostrate in twisted reverence before its cold logic.


Featuring Samual Loynes (Voices/Akercocke) and Matt Adnett (Obscene Entity), Shrines is a long-awaited new UK-based collaboration set to deliver a powerful, pioneering and eclectic sound to 2015. Born from a raw beginning and raised to reach a panoramic scale of sound, Shrines adheres to a powerful and cinematic approach to music whilst delivering a form of the black and death-inspired sounds from which it has risen. With songs that capture a wide array of narrative and emotion, from love and violence, to David Lynch’s exploration of evil in Twin Peaks, Shrines is a unique and unconfined exploration of nature. By using story-telling to deliver a snapshot of both human vice and endeavour, there is no stone left unturned. A sound set to lead the listener on a journey like no other.


Psychedelic Riffsters Zippo are an unflagging example of band. Since 2004 they lead the pack of the Italian Stoner Rock and Heavy Psych movement. Zippo have always been about the music, which is actually very hard to define as they include elements of Prog Rock, Psych, Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Noise and even Post-Metal. Zippo thrive on creating different sounds and challenging people to use their very heart and soul to fully experience the band’s musical vision.






Hailing from France, C R O W N, are three men and a machine who tune their neutron guitars to the Richter scale, and deliver the sound of a molten universe collapsing. Touching on early Isis, Godflesh, Floor and even Killing Joke, C R O W N explore the depths of slow tempos on their debut album, The One, and their split EP with St Valley through sheer exuberant heaviness. The trio’s depth-charging guitars and buried melodic tendencies snake around hissing electronics, a tribal / military percussive thwack, and the splashing cymbals of a minimal-yet-completely-effective drum-machine. Their sound is further emboldened by a massive bestial roar, heavy and oppressive, leading to an abyss of nothingness…. Welcome to the dark, spiraling, and obscure experiments of C R O W N.

Turbid North


Turbid North was born in the frozen tundra of North Pole, Alaska. The cold, dark environment helped shaped the atmospheric sound of the band. While in Alaska, Turbid North built a large following playing as many shows as the isolated state could provide. Determined to play music exclusively, the band relocated to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in 2007. It was there that singer/guitarist Nick Forkel met the recently imported Englishman Chris O' Toole to fill the vacant bass slot. The band then released its debut album “Orogeny” (Ironclad Recordings) in 2011 to rave reviews from Metal Hammer, Decibel, Revolver and more. The album gave the band the fuel to tour the US for the next 2 years, highlighted by a CMJ music marathon showcase show in 2011. The lineup was then rounded out with the addition of drummer Jono Garrett, just in time for a 2012 appearance at Rockstar Energy's Mayhem Fest. After a short hiatus, the band returned to the stage as a 3-piece in 2014. Bringing with them a newer evolved sound, more massive than before, while keeping all the atmospheric elements that colored Orogeny. The band is hungry to share its unique sound with the world.



Swiss apocalyptic sludge juggernaut Zatokrev was founded in April 2002 in Basel, Switzerland. Although the first eponymous album was only intended for demo purposes, the band were immediately offered various deals, and finally released the record in 2004/2005 on Codebreaker, Earache and Division Records to overwhelming media praise all over Europe and the States. The following album ‘Bury The Ashes’ was released through Firebox Records, Finland in 2007, while the third and most successful ‘The Bat, The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere’ finally got a deserved world wide release in 2012 on the UK-based cult label Candlelight Records. 2014 saw the recording of the new album ‘Silk Spiders Underwater…’ at the infamous Rec Studio in Geneva with Serge Morattel and finally mixing and mastering by Raphael Bovey (just as the preceding album). The 65 minutes worth of new material feature denser song writing and variations in dynamics and arrangements.


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