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CHRISTWVRKS - Messiah Complex (The Death of Ego)

This visual component to the CHRISTWVRKS release MESSIAH COMPLEX is a maelstrom of art styles, mediums, and images. Re-purposing iconography from theology, pop culture, and his own imagination - Jamie Christ set out to tackle the prospect of murdering one's own ego with his voice, his pen, and his own twisted take on collage art. Accompanying the hellish sounds of MESSIAH COMPLEX, these visuals track Christ's journey through realizing the greater "self", and his subsequent journey to destroy any conceptions of ego that may remain.

Chaotic, destructive, and ultimately cathartic.
112 pages
Hardback, foil spine, 170gsm matte jacket, 130gsm silk interior pages. 

Hardback cover limited to 50 copies

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