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Bölzer - Roman Acupuncture - CD *PRE-ORDER*

Bölzer - Roman Acupuncture - CD *PRE-ORDER*


Bölzer is an intuitive art project born from raw passion; musical ecstasy fueled by impulsive composition and enactment. Whilst wielding a lyrical and musical medium largely inspired by and seeking to channel the primeval essence of the human experience, flashes of illumination will descend the sky from which there shall be no shelter.

Forged of an intense understanding between drummer Fabian Wyrsch and guitarist Okoi Jones,
the project first took physical form in 2008. Before long, the dualistic significance of their musical partnership outshone any need for a bass player and has since served to both challenge and empower the band’s creativity. Following their 2010 live debut in Zürich, Bölzer soon made a name for themselves as the remarkable Swiss-Antipodean duo capable of conjuring up mighty barriers of sound with nothing but a ten-stringed guitar and an almost ritualistic percussion style. The pair describe their own stage experience as a form of spiritual rapture, an atavistic vortex woven together from the profound union of spectacle meeting spectator on a deeper plane.

By 2013, Bölzer had begun plying their craft on stages across most populated continents.
After garnering significant underground attention with two EPs - 'Aura' in 2013 followed by 'Soma'
the year after – Bölzer carved out their humble place in the bedrock of metal with the critically acclaimed 2016 debut album, 'Hero'. To further embody the conceptual disciplines of personal action and self-realization, 2019 sees the band founding their own label, Lightning & Sons whilst sealing an exclusive alliance with AISA Music, in a consciously autonomous effort to divorce themselves of various aesthetical and ideological hindrances within their immediate scene. 

1. Roman Acupuncture
2. Soul Eclipse
3. Zeus – Seducer Of Hearts


*PRE-ORDER* Ships Feb 21st

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