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From The Bogs Of Aughiska - Mineral Bearing Veins - Cassette

From The Bogs Of Aughiska - Mineral Bearing Veins - Cassette


Irish Dark ambient black metal alchemists FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA are set to release their third full-length album ‘Mineral Bearing Veins’.

Mineral Bearing Veins’ sees the band take their sound to a harsher more black metal territory combined with a very cold and bleak atmosphere. The album delves into subject matters such as cursed fairy trees, dark underground cave systems in The Burren, isolation and Irish superstition.

 “It’s a nightmarish trip, but one worth taking for those that can handle it.” Kerrang! 

“Ireland’s dark ambient explorers head deeper into the black” 
Metal Hammer 

“…intellectually stimulating extreme music that feeds the soul.” 
Zero Tolerance 

“An oppressively bleak listening experience”. 
Distorted Sound 

“An evocative, mysterious record.” 
Echoes & Dust 

"Fans of wilderness music and folklore wisdom; ambient, metal, all points in between should pay this band very close attention. But also read what the band have to say, watch their videos, understand their inspiration. This is so rich, so wonderful your journey can only go deeper."
Ave Noctum

Limited to 50

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