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Turbid North - Eyes Alive - Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Turbid North - Eyes Alive - Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Turbid North was born in the frozen tundra of North Pole, Alaska. The cold, dark environment helped shaped the atmospheric sound of the band. While in Alaska, Turbid North built a large following playing as many shows as the isolated state could provide. Determined to play music exclusively, the band relocated to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in 2007. It was there that singer/guitarist Nick Forkel met the recently imported Englishman Chris O' Toole to fill the vacant bass slot. The band then released its debut album “Orogeny” (Ironclad Recordings) in 2011 to rave reviews from Metal Hammer, Decibel, Revolver and more. The album gave the band the fuel to tour the US for the next 2 years, highlighted by a CMJ music marathon showcase show in 2011. The lineup was then rounded out with the addition of drummer Jono Garrett, just in time for a 2012 appearance at Rockstar Energy's Mayhem Fest. After a short hiatus, the band returned to the stage as a 3-piece in 2014. Bringing with them a newer evolved sound, more massive than before, while keeping all the atmospheric elements that colored Orogeny. The band is hungry to share its unique sound with the world.

Turbid North - Eyes Alive - Limited Edition Double Red Vinyl

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